Models Monday: Commemorative Lies

Last week, I wrote a post about the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and offered a few reasons why I’ve waited to go. Today, I have a new reason that pushes back my visit even later. Yesterday (Sunday) was the last church service to be held at Friendship Baptist, Atlanta’s oldest baptist church,Continue reading “Models Monday: Commemorative Lies”

Models Monday: Choosing Words, Building Worlds

Over the weekend, Miles had a play date with a former school buddy. We happened to see the five-year-old with his mom while out running errands earlier that week. I gave her my cell phone number and Saturday, she called. In arranging for them to play, I welcomed her into our home and thanked herContinue reading “Models Monday: Choosing Words, Building Worlds”

Models Monday: Claim Your Name…and Make Others Call You by It

When my son was a baby, his babysitter called him Little Bean because Bean was my family’s nickname for me. When we celebrated his fifth birthday this year, the ex-babysitter’s daughter came with her son and she referred to my son as Little Bean, to which he replied, “my name is Miles.” She looked atContinue reading “Models Monday: Claim Your Name…and Make Others Call You by It”

Models Monday: Telling a New Story

When I was young, I heard stories about the awful perils of the dreaded inner-city from my elementary school teachers. Their stories certainly made me afraid of that place. It wasn’t until my high school teachers told those  same stories of predation, poverty, laziness, and despair of inner-city residents that I finally realized they wereContinue reading “Models Monday: Telling a New Story”

Models Monday: Memorial Day

Norah Jones’s rendition of the Gene Scheer song “American Anthem” hits all the right notes and it frames my thoughts about this Memorial Day. My grandfather, Charles Albert Hite, served in World War II and by all accounts he was none too happy about it. My Uncle Eric wrote about my grandfather’s views on servingContinue reading “Models Monday: Memorial Day”

Models Monday: Racial vs. Racist

Jane O’Toole, the woman who exposed Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland after hearing him call President Obama a nigguh, was even further appalled when Copeland wrote her a letter wherein he maintains his views about the President. O’Toole confessed to being shocked and appalled that Copeland made “an open admission of being racial.” Racial? IContinue reading “Models Monday: Racial vs. Racist”