Don’t Overlook the Comments to Shanita Hubbard

It would help JB (I don’t know how the NYT determines their picks) to read Dan T. Carter’s book, The Politics of Rage about George Wallace; especially the part about his 1968 presidential campaign. He offers this: The candidates appeal, said NBC’s Douglas Kiker, a native southerner, was transparently simple. George Wallace had seemingly looked out uponContinue reading “Don’t Overlook the Comments to Shanita Hubbard”

Ghosts of Slavery’s Christmas [Re-post]

DECEMBER 22, 2016 BY BRANDON BYRD James Thomas was well-acquainted with powerful white southerners, intimate even. He was born in 1827 to an enslaved woman and John Catron, a justice of the supreme courts of the United States and Tennessee. During his childhood in Nashville, Thomas worked as an assistant to John Esselman, one of the most successfulContinue reading “Ghosts of Slavery’s Christmas [Re-post]”

Learning from Vienna in the 1930s — Abagond

Liel Leibovitz last week in Tablet Magazine wrote about what he learned from his grandfather Siegfried, who fled Vienna soon after Hitler took over. Here is some of it (edited, bolded and formatted by me for length and clarity): He was spooked by the goosesteps of Hitler’s goons. He convinced two of his sisters […] viaContinue reading “Learning from Vienna in the 1930s — Abagond”