Models Monday: The Kiss

In Memoriam It seems that folk no longer read comedian and activist Dick Gregory’s 1964 autobiography Nigger—actually, I don’t remember the Malcolm X t-shirt wearing, Public Enemy listening generation of mine discussing the work either. The 1990s political climate may have informed my decision to seek out this book. The back cover told a profoundlyContinue reading “Models Monday: The Kiss”

Models Monday: Mental Illness and Us

Since last Monday, I have encountered at least three tragic stories of youth suicide. Heidi Swapp, the talented scrapbooker, shared that she had accompanied her son Cory to visit his therapist not knowing that it would be her last activity with him before he died. Swapp blogged the experience so as to thank supporters forContinue reading “Models Monday: Mental Illness and Us”

Models Monday: Yellow, Blue, Green…

During these trying times, I have decided to follow the example of Baby Suggs, a character in Toni Morrison’s Beloved who offers a brilliant response to the absurdity of racism and white supremacy. Like Baby, my plan going forward is to concentrate on whatever has been disarmed. As Baby explains to Stamp Paid, “[w]hat I haveContinue reading “Models Monday: Yellow, Blue, Green…”

Models Monday: Beyond Hollywood

I used to watch Hollywood movies, but I rarely find them interesting anymore. Instead of giving two-hours+ of my time that I can’t get back, I’ve started taking in short-films. Typically, these films feature little-known actors, beautiful cinematography, and interesting plotlines. Short-films might be a good option for you if you’re over Hollywood. Less than three-minutesContinue reading “Models Monday: Beyond Hollywood”

Models Monday: The Confederate Flag’s Stark Simplicity

No American can claim that the Confederate Flag testifies to their proud “Southern Heritage” and be committed to freedom, truth, justice, equality, and democracy. All Americans who make such a claim in support of this flag are dangerous people because they are irrational. These people have mistaken an advertisement concocted in New York as theContinue reading “Models Monday: The Confederate Flag’s Stark Simplicity”

Models Monday: Keys

“It is not my enemies who taunt me–I could bear that…It is you, my equal, my companion, my familiar friend…” (Ps 55:12-13) “If someone asks,‘What are those wounds on your body? they will answer,’The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’” (Zechariah 13:6) I’ve been listening to Jon Krakauer’s latest book, Missoula:Continue reading “Models Monday: Keys”

Models Monday: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others.”

My mother and I attended the same elementary school. I hated it, but she didn’t mind it. When she attended, mass and confession were a daily occurrence. When I attended, we only had service during holy days and I can only recall a singular confession. My mother’s funny. She attends weekly mass, but she couldn’tContinue reading “Models Monday: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others.””

Models Monday (Memorial Day 2015 Edition): Today Mimics Savage Yesterday

Some  of The New York Times’s reporting on the case of Tamir Rice and its aftermath remain true. For instance, Samaria Rice did live in a shelter with her daughter Tajai, and while at the time the video was made they remained there, they moved to a small home during the Spring. According to what Rice’sContinue reading “Models Monday (Memorial Day 2015 Edition): Today Mimics Savage Yesterday”