Don’t Overlook the Comments to Shanita Hubbard

It would help JB (I don’t know how the NYT determines their picks) to read Dan T. Carter’s book, The Politics of Rage about George Wallace; especially the part about his 1968 presidential campaign. He offers this: The candidates appeal, said NBC’s Douglas Kiker, a native southerner, was transparently simple. George Wallace had seemingly looked out uponContinue reading “Don’t Overlook the Comments to Shanita Hubbard”

Models Monday: The Kiss

In Memoriam It seems that folk no longer read comedian and activist Dick Gregory’s 1964 autobiography Nigger—actually, I don’t remember the Malcolm X t-shirt wearing, Public Enemy listening generation of mine discussing the work either. The 1990s political climate may have informed my decision to seek out this book. The back cover told a profoundlyContinue reading “Models Monday: The Kiss”

85-year-old Memphis Sanitation Worker Can Perhaps Retire

After working 63 years for the city of Memphis, Elmore Nickleberry, 85, may finally reap the benefits of marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. The city intends to award Mr. Nickleberry, along with 13 other survivors of the 1968 sanitation strike, a $50K tax-free grant. I’m not sure how $50,000 is supposed toContinue reading “85-year-old Memphis Sanitation Worker Can Perhaps Retire”