Models Monday: Barack Obama and Other Models by which to Live

Now that Barack Obama is President of the United States, he symbolizes the possibility of maximizing one’s potential in a way that earlier generations of Americans thought a mere fantasy. For me, Obama represents even broader possibilities regarding how to live in this world beyond where you work. Here are several examples of what PresidentContinue reading “Models Monday: Barack Obama and Other Models by which to Live”

Models Monday: Bob Dylan’s Confidence

Once upon a time, I was in a study group with several very nice, competent, and helpful people. We always began our sessions with a meal and a discussion about what we were reading, watching, and listening to. We all tended to lean towards enjoying the same stories about mountain climbing tragedies and documentary filmsContinue reading “Models Monday: Bob Dylan’s Confidence”

Jazzing Up the Core: Immersed in the Classics

In reading this Huffington post article, I learned about how Lance Underwood, the father of two sons, had the brilliant idea to photoshop his sons into classic album covers. You should check out his Tumblr. My favorite visual remix has to be the one of Underwood’s son as Miles Davis on the cover of BirthContinue reading “Jazzing Up the Core: Immersed in the Classics”

Models Monday: Jazzing Up the Core

As I’ve continued to reflect on standardized tests, I’ve come to another conclusion about their limits. There’s nothing seductive about the thinking they prompt. Conclusions, right or wrong, don’t even hint at the pleasures of puzzling over meaning. Sometimes I wonder if it’s this teaching to the test stuff that makes young people so bland.Continue reading “Models Monday: Jazzing Up the Core”

Models Monday: The Heart of the Matter

I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, Benji, for the twentieth time this weekend. This very moving film tells the tragic story of the shooting death of Chicago basketball sensation Benjamin Wilson. At the time of his death, the 17-year-old was ranked the number one high school player in the nation and so wasContinue reading “Models Monday: The Heart of the Matter”

Models Monday: Adultery and (Non)Violence

In much of the scholarship one reads about the tragically brief life of Martin Luther King, Jr., one can observe the great efforts scholars make to engage King’s struggles to resolve the tension between a ministry centering on his role in advocating and living a life consistent with the gospels and the private man whoContinue reading “Models Monday: Adultery and (Non)Violence”