Models Monday: Anita Hill

I had the privilege of being one among a small gathering of people who greeted Prof. Anita Hill before the screening of the Frieda Mock documentary about the impetus and the aftermath of Hill’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in October 1991 regarding the sexual harassment charges Hill leveled against Supreme Court Justice nomineeContinue reading “Models Monday: Anita Hill”

Models Monday: The Seduction of Reading

When my friend Carmen first told me about Walter Dean Myers’s book The Blues of Flats Brown, I knew that I had to get it for my son. The story is about these two dogs, Flats and Caleb, who are the unfortunate wards of a junkyard proprietor named A.J. Grubbs. Flats and Caleb flee theContinue reading “Models Monday: The Seduction of Reading”

Models Monday: Intertextuality

If you haven’t read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah, I highly recommend it. The story crosses international boundaries and thus speaks to issues of identity, class, home, education, and the contemporary world. One of the novel’s central character’s, Ifemelu, keeps a blog once she’s in the United States and creates another one when she returnsContinue reading “Models Monday: Intertextuality”

Models Monday: Hands Up…Don’t Shoot…Solidarity

On the Morehouse campus, students from Clark-Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College–collectively representing the Atlanta University Center (AUC)–showed solidarity with citizens/students across the country who walked out of classrooms at 1 p.m. to commemorate the day Michael Brown would never be able to walk into a classroom as he was being lowered into hisContinue reading “Models Monday: Hands Up…Don’t Shoot…Solidarity”

Models Monday: The Kiss

It seems that folk no longer read comedian and activist Dick Gregory’s 1964 autobiography Nigger—actually, I don’t remember the Malcolm X t-shirt wearing, Public Enemy listening generation of mine discussing the work either. The 1990s political climate may have informed my decision to seek out this book. The back cover told a profoundly moving storyContinue reading “Models Monday: The Kiss”

Models Monday: First Day of First Grade

Most Georgia schools have started today. My son started first grade. His teacher seems like a warm person. My son looked like he was alright when I left; no crying or clinging. The worst thing that happened today actually began when he first enrolled and I saw the required uniform. Here he is in justContinue reading “Models Monday: First Day of First Grade”

Models Monday: Still Thinking about Duck & Goose (edited)

The only time I remember books being read to me is when I attended elementary school and I loved it. I also remember my classmates’ enthusiasm when we learned of the weeklong book fair planned for our school as well as those weekly trips to the school’s library. If anyone ever read to me atContinue reading “Models Monday: Still Thinking about Duck & Goose (edited)”