Models Monday: Racial vs. Racist

Jane O’Toole, the woman who exposed Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland after hearing him call President Obama a nigguh, was even further appalled when Copeland wrote her a letter wherein he maintains his views about the President. O’Toole confessed to being shocked and appalled that Copeland made “an open admission of being racial.” Racial? I wonder why O’Toole described Copeland as being “racial” and not racist? What exactly does her choice of the adjective “racial” describe?

It’s as if nothing can be described as racist these days: Kill a black kid for walking home wearing a hooded sweatshirt in the rain–not racist; Kill a black kid for playing music that you don’t like and think is too loud–not racist; Imprison a black woman for firing a warning shot to prevent an abusive man from killing her–not racist; Kill a black girl who knocks on your door in the night after being wounded in a car accident–not racist.

I hope the Wolfeboro community sees fit to examine Copeland’s involvement in building and gathering evidence against suspected and convicted criminals under his watch. I’m convinced that being “racial” influenced how Copeland maintained law and order in Wolfeboro. Unfortunately, since this community only appears to think that Copeland said an embarrassing and bad word, it is highly unlikely that they will seek anything more than his resignation.

Given the apparent moratorium on racist activity or racist action being possible at this moment in U.S. history, silencing bad words apparently passes for justice. Unlike O’Toole, I find Copeland’s smugness, arrogance, defiance, disrespect, as well as his hateful description of “the current occupant of the Whitehouse [sic]” as all the evidence I need to determine that he’s racist. It wouldn’t be prudent to find comfort in Copeland’s age, as if he represents a dying breed. Substituting “racial” for “racist” ensures that racism will never die…

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