Models Monday: I’m Done

Rashard Mendenhall played running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers for four years before being picked-up by the Arizona Cardinals. Now, at 26-years-old, he’s decided to retire. Mendenhall wrote a wonderful blog post for The Huffington Post about his decision. Skeptics presume that his decision is based on his desire for a larger contract, but Mendenhall’sContinue reading “Models Monday: I’m Done”

Models Monday: Women’s History Month

Like Black History Month, Women’s History Month began as a week long celebration. Though this national dedication began in 1981, before being extended to a month in 1987, I have no memory of women’s history being marked until the mid-nineties–and even then, I thought it was a reactionary effort to somehow challenge February as aContinue reading “Models Monday: Women’s History Month”

Models Monday: Energy

Several weeks ago, I was invited to attend a meeting with other professionals about programs my community plans to implement. As I hold key positions in these programs, my input regarding the implementation and the expected outcomes concerning a problem we all agree on, justified the invitation. After my talk, the woman who invited myContinue reading “Models Monday: Energy”

Models Monday: Lord Have Mercy (Part II)

Now these young black people are in law school but there’s no evidence that they know anything about the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the Little Rock Nine, James Meredith, or Autherine Lucy. Ask Elizabeth Eckford about how lonely she felt in 1957 when she tried to enter Little Rock Central High School whileContinue reading “Models Monday: Lord Have Mercy (Part II)”

Models Monday: Lord Have Mercy

Now that I’ve stopped shaking my head, I can actually focus on the many problems with the documentary film American Promise–the title alone is problematic. What promises has this country ever fulfilled with respect to black Americans? Remember those 40 acres we were supposed to get? With the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Sherman’s January 1865 promise ofContinue reading “Models Monday: Lord Have Mercy”

Models Monday: The Announcement

Well, the time has finally come for us to determine whether or not the Dalton School is as problematic as I suggested in a previous post. Will Idris demonstrate the verbal dexterity, that I believe, an “elite” school should foster? Will we see the confidence his parents suggest results from being educated in an “elite” school?Continue reading “Models Monday: The Announcement”

Models Monday: No Explanation Necessary

I just left a very lively, engaging conversation with a very prominent legal scholar whose brilliant work has greatly influenced how scholars discuss identity. During this occasion, however, the young people in attendance expressed what has become, for me at least, this boring, misguided approach to inhabiting racially diverse spaces and encountering hostile identity basedContinue reading “Models Monday: No Explanation Necessary”

Models Monday: MLK, Jr. Holiday and Your Grandparents

I often think about Toni Morrison’s interview with Anne Koenen in 1980 where Morrison reflects on a stunning conversation she has with a young girl: When I talked to a very young black girl recently, it seemed to me that she had never heard of anything. They’re grown up like they never had grandmothers. OfContinue reading “Models Monday: MLK, Jr. Holiday and Your Grandparents”

Models Monday: Baby it’s Cold Outside

One day after the southern style Atlanta cold kept teachers and educators inside, I dressed my son in corduroy pants, turtleneck, sweater, his thickest winter coat (Ezra Jack Keats Snowy Day Peter style), hat and gloves while the car warmed for at least 15 minutes before we set out for school. All this for about three minutesContinue reading “Models Monday: Baby it’s Cold Outside”

Models Monday: Investigation Discovery and Us (Black Boys in American Culture Part 3)

If I’m not watching sports on television or something sports related, the only network that I watch is the Investigation Discovery (ID) network. The network does not in any way acknowledge race as a relevant category of analysis regarding its programming, but I would say that 95% of the stories feature crimes committed by whiteContinue reading “Models Monday: Investigation Discovery and Us (Black Boys in American Culture Part 3)”