Models Monday: Today’s Uncle Tom

In The Annotated Uncle Tom’s Cabin edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Hollis Robbins, they reconsider Harriet Beecher Stowe’s effective use of sentimentality in virtually sanctifying constructions of Uncle Tom and George Harris, for example, as “perfect husbands.” According to Gates and Robbins, connecting slavery and domesticity, specifically marriage, was a chief insight fromContinue reading “Models Monday: Today’s Uncle Tom”

Models Monday: I Can Get Wit’ It

Since my son’s been in pre-school, Social Studies, I’ve learned, has nothing to do with time. I guess I sorta understand why given that young children, even when they can tell time, don’t appear to understand it. In my son’s case, I usually say that he speaks of time in biblical terms. Thus, he mightContinue reading “Models Monday: I Can Get Wit’ It”

Models Monday: Concrete, Definite, and Specific Language

The “Eyes on Ferguson” discussion below exemplifies concrete, definite, and specific language: Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough reveal what occurs when concrete, definite, and specific language is totally misunderstood: Michael E. Dyson elevated the conversation when he used the language of “white supremacy” and not “race.” He certainly didn’t “lower the level” of the discourseContinue reading “Models Monday: Concrete, Definite, and Specific Language”

Models Monday: On Free Land

  This past weekend, I visited South-View Cemetery with a few friends. South-View was granted its charter on April 21, 1886 and so became the first for-profit cemetery for African Americans in the United States. Beneath the names of the six men who established this charter reads its statement of purpose: “To provide a respectableContinue reading “Models Monday: On Free Land”

Models Monday: A Message for Republicans

Dear G.O.P., As you work towards your goal of “taking back our country,” I ask that you consider reading Robert Pogue Harrison’s book Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition. Throughout the work, Harrison stresses the significance of care-taking as an essential aspect of being human and living a meaningful life. I’m sure you’re far tooContinue reading “Models Monday: A Message for Republicans”

Models Monday: Learning from the ID Network

When I do watch television, I only watch sports and the shows on Investigation Discovery (ID). The ID network hosts true crime shows. Sometimes they highlight the same stories only repackaged in a different show format.  I’ve learned a few things about securing your life from these shows that I’d like to share with you:Continue reading “Models Monday: Learning from the ID Network”

Models Monday: Being Like My Mother

This is the church that hides the school that I attended and hated from kindergarten through eighth grade. Although my mother would later claim that she had no idea how much I despised the school, what she doesn’t acknowledge is how little it would’ve mattered. My family worshipped there, the congregation often came to myContinue reading “Models Monday: Being Like My Mother”

Models Monday: E-Depravity

This caption says it all: The people pictured are crying and clearly disturbed because the football season was canceled, not because some players sexually violated others. Sayreville students are equally disturbed. According to The New York Times, Sayreville High School students are tweeting their virulent rejection of the decision to cancel the football season. One 16-year-oldContinue reading “Models Monday: E-Depravity”

Models Monday: Precision

Definite, specific, and concrete language has gone out of favor these days. Many young people I know use the expression, “I feel some type-a way about that,” to convey something but it’s never clear to me what way they’re feeling. “What ‘type-a way” do you mean? Feel? Think? The vagueness currently embraced often acts inContinue reading “Models Monday: Precision”