Models Monday: The Announcement

Well, the time has finally come for us to determine whether or not the Dalton School is as problematic as I suggested in a previous post. Will Idris demonstrate the verbal dexterity, that I believe, an “elite” school should foster? Will we see the confidence his parents suggest results from being educated in an “elite” school? Will we discover a new model of parenting worthy of emulation or will we discover (another) one to disavow with respect to preparing children to value inquiry? Will we see a progressive model of social change evident in the school that prepares students to resist and dismantle systems of domination (I must admit, it was hard for me to keep a straight face while typing this sentence)?

American Promise premiers on PBS this evening, and it also appears to be available on-line from February 4, 2014–March 6, 2014. Let’s tune in and see what an “elite” school looks like for black boys…

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