Models Monday: On Black Boys in American History (Part 1)

Though it is usually unwise to make broad, sweeping generalizations, I’m going to risk being foolhardy in making this claim about black boys in American history: It is impossible to mark a single decade in American history where your entry point into it remains unblemished by some gross injustice carried out against black boys; theContinue reading “Models Monday: On Black Boys in American History (Part 1)”

Models Monday: The Limits of Ideology

I used to dread going to many of my feminist theory or feminist themed classes; especially the graduate ones. While the course content could have been interesting, the classes were often filled with women, many of whom were well beyond their twenties, who asked questions like these: Can you enjoy baking cookies for your familyContinue reading “Models Monday: The Limits of Ideology”

Models Monday: Fox Asks an Important Question

Flossie & the Fox is a children’s story that I love and probably value even more because it came as a recommendation from my dear friend Carmen. I’ve written about Flossie on this blog several times because of the admiral traits that allow Flossie to complete the task her grandmother assigned her. I find itContinue reading “Models Monday: Fox Asks an Important Question”

Models Monday: The Dozens and A Pound

I know a black woman who describes herself as having come from the ghetto but eschews an identification with what it means to be ghetto. To be ghetto, for her, means having little respect for decorum and failing to have an appreciation for reading and literacy. Interestingly, she also assumes that “being ghetto” means beingContinue reading “Models Monday: The Dozens and A Pound”

Models Monday: Given the Hour

Given the hour, and my commitment to always posting on Monday, I wanted to make a post–even if it has to be quite brief. Thus, my recommendation for living in opposition to mainstream assumptions regarding what it means to live a good life is that you READ over the Thanksgiving break. Here are some ofContinue reading “Models Monday: Given the Hour”

Models Monday: Why We Can’t Wait?

On April 12, 1963, eight, white clergymen published the second of two letters penned in 1963 responding to the changing political climate regarding race and desegregation in Alabama. The April letter, printed in local newspapers challenged the timeliness of civil rights demonstrations: […] we are now confronted by a series of demonstrations by some ofContinue reading “Models Monday: Why We Can’t Wait?”

Models Monday: This is not Love…Richie Cognito is Racist

The coverage of the violence Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito directed towards his teammate, offensive tackle, Jonathan Martin has been problematic in the way that it questions Martin’s masculinity. Martin left the team due to the emotional stress of having received voicemails, such as this one, from Incognito: “Hey, wassup, you half n—– piece ofContinue reading “Models Monday: This is not Love…Richie Cognito is Racist”

Models Monday: The Seduction of Reading

When my friend Carmen first told me about Walter Dean Myers’s book The Blues of Flats Brown, I knew that I had to get it for my son. The story is about these two dogs, Flats and Caleb, who are the unfortunate wards of a junkyard proprietor named A.J. Grubbs. Flats and Caleb flee theContinue reading “Models Monday: The Seduction of Reading”

Models Monday: Repeat Step 1(In Advance of the New Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta)

I think I might have seen an advertisement on television promoting the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In advance of the new season’s launch in early November, I thought to re-post my thoughts on the show because they’re sure to be relevant because nothing on the show ever seems to change. NatashaContinue reading “Models Monday: Repeat Step 1(In Advance of the New Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta)”

Models Monday: Duck and Goose: Knowing When to Stop

Usually, I end the evening with my son reading first, Duck and Goose followed by Duck, Duck, Goose both by Tad Hills. In the first book, Duck and Goose discover a ball that they mistake for an egg. In responding to what they take to be the egg’s needs, they develop an appreciation for oneContinue reading “Models Monday: Duck and Goose: Knowing When to Stop”