Jazzing Up the Core: Immersed in the Classics

In reading this Huffington post article, I learned about how Lance Underwood, the father of two sons, had the brilliant idea to photoshop his sons into classic album covers. You should check out his Tumblr. My favorite visual remix has to be the one of Underwood’s son as Miles Davis on the cover of Birth of the Cool (I might have to bite this idea and photoshop my Miles into the cover of Kind of Blue).



Mr. Underwood’s notion of teaching his sons the classics is DOPE. His Tumblr provides a very compelling visual example of how our testing culture limits how children are being trained to limit their articulation of “the classics,” or what counts as an important, relevant, or worthy text to know and to engage. It’s lazy and foolish to limit an assessment of what the Underwood boys know about art, history, culture, economics, race, gender, pleasure, philosophy, and marketing to a bubble…the “common” core ain’t ready for them Underwood boys.

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