Models Monday: Concrete, Definite, and Specific Language

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The “Eyes on Ferguson” discussion below exemplifies concrete, definite, and specific language:

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough reveal what occurs when concrete, definite, and specific language is totally misunderstood:

Michael E. Dyson elevated the conversation when he used the language of “white supremacy” and not “race.” He certainly didn’t “lower the level” of the discourse regarding systems of domination as Brzezinski suggests…it’s too bad how anti-intellectual U.S. society has become.

2 thoughts on “Models Monday: Concrete, Definite, and Specific Language

  1. Well when it comes to “Race in America” the dominant culture becomes willfully ignorant and some not all refuse to try to understand that racism is still alive and well in America. Instead they like Guliani who is a major doodoo bag, want to deflect like he did in the exchange he had with Michael Eric Dyson. I like Michael Eric Dyson he calls the racist douche bags like Guiliani out on their b.s. I am just so beyond disgusted about this Ferguson crises and the police brutality. Yet another death of a black child in Cleveland 12 year old Timir Rice again he was gunned down because of a toy gun. Shaking my head. It makes my heart sad and heavy.

    1. I’m originally from Cleveland and have been in conversation with my people at home about the Rice massacre. The officer knew it was a toy–oh, but that didn’t come through on his radio. Apparently, the Officer was so close to that baby he could touch him. I guess police officers aren’t taught nonlethal tactics if the subject is black…”Bull” Conner just refuses to die.

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