Models Monday: Banah Ghadbian, Spelman College C’2015

Banah Ghadbian gave the valedictory address at Spelman College’s 128th Commencement. Ghadbian and her mother were refugees from Syria who eventually made their way to Arkansas. In her speech, Ghadbian acknowledged the southern hospitality and the southern hostility that she and her mother predictably found there. Spelman became Ghadbian’s choice because she wanted to cultivateContinue reading “Models Monday: Banah Ghadbian, Spelman College C’2015”

Models Monday: Danger, Violence, Repeat

  Distinguishing police brutality by distinct historical periods seems a rather pointless enterprise; nonetheless, I want to. As I look at a terrified young black woman desperately attempting to escape further danger from the police, I recognize an important distinction between escaping police brutality in 1960 and escaping it in 2015. In Baltimore, a youngContinue reading “Models Monday: Danger, Violence, Repeat”

Models Monday: Once Upon a Time When Food Was Good

I remember a time when “healthy food” was prescribed for patients whose blood pressure was too high; whose diet needed to consist of more fiber. To my mind, healthy food was clinical, sterile, bland food on a menu medical doctors made. Cooks, however, made food that “was sayin somethin!” It was food that grew inContinue reading “Models Monday: Once Upon a Time When Food Was Good”

Models Monday: A Long View of Days

For a while now, I’ve marked the significance of April 4, the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, as one that calls for serious reflection. This year has been different in how I feel about the loss; this time, mourning accompanied contemplation. Easter, I’m sure, has everything to do with this difference. In 1968, AprilContinue reading “Models Monday: A Long View of Days”

Models Monday: Revelations

In past years, I never thought much about Women’s History because, unlike Black History Month, it did not come with sufficient indictments. Black History Month calls attention to interlocking systems of domination that cast black Americans as this nation’s civic trash. Even though the celebratory aspects of Black History Month are far too often cartoonish,Continue reading “Models Monday: Revelations”

Models Monday: Oseola McCarty (National Women’s History Month)

I remember when Oseola McCarty donated $150,000 of the $280,000 she saved throughout her years working as a washerwoman to the University of Southern Mississippi. Offering “another model by which to live,” McCarty cultivated a philosophy of life that eschewed constant consumption; instead, she chose living simply and in acknowledgement of the needs of others.Continue reading “Models Monday: Oseola McCarty (National Women’s History Month)”