Models Monday: Learning from the ID Network


When I do watch television, I only watch sports and the shows on Investigation Discovery (ID). The ID network hosts true crime shows. Sometimes they highlight the same stories only repackaged in a different show format.  I’ve learned a few things about securing your life from these shows that I’d like to share with you:

1. Be clear about who your friends are and distinguish them from your partner’s friends. Even though we like to imagine that our partnerships require an entanglement of our entire lives, it’s not true. You partner’s friends know things about that person in a way that you don’t. They share secrets and loyalties that your presence does not change. Accepting this view means that when your partner is away and a friend of theirs rings your doorbell, DO NOT answer it. I’ve learned that some friendships are possessive ones and it may not be obvious to you at first. Thus, in dating you, moving you in, or marrying you the friend who was once perceived as your partner’s number one resents you for their lower ranking. This one woman found this out when she opened her door for her husband’s lifelong friend and best man at their wedding. That man raped and then killed her. I’ve taken the lesson I learned from this woman’s story and extended it to include goods my husband tells me his friends are coming over to collect in his absence. I tell him that those items should be placed in the mailbox or outside our front door. If that doesn’t work for them, they will need to make different arrangements.

2. If a room exists in the house you share with your partner and your children that you cannot enter, go in and look around for what you’re not supposed to see when your partner is away. Once you get the evidence you need, DO NOT TELL YOUR PARTNER what you know! Sharing the information with the person you just learned is committing a crime or that you know things that could shame someone for whom appearance is everything is like turning over your team’s playbook to the team you’re competing against. The woman at the center of the story I watched recently told the man all the secrets she knew about him and he had her killed in front of their children.


3. If you are so afraid of your partner that you need to tell friends and family members that you think your spouse is trying to kill you, don’t go back to your house. In the show I watched last night, the woman told her mother that she was afraid of her husband. Her mother told her to plan her escape and not let him know. The woman’s husband killed her. So, if anyone tells to get out, stay right where you are because going home is far too risky. If you have the means, hire a private investigator. I’ve seen PI’s save lives!

4. If your partner admits to an extramarital affair and you decide to forgive that person because of your faith and your children, fine. However, if the mistress starts stalking you, confronts you, and attacks you then you need to divorce your partner. You can still forgive your partner but his choices have put you in danger and knowing this information should impact your decisions. LEAVE! The woman I recently saw on this show had a forgiving heart, but her husband’s mistress wasn’t done with her anger and hatred for the woman she saw as the obstacle to her getting her man. After church one evening, a man the mistress paid walked up behind the family and shot the wife in the head.

5. Every story I’ve seen on the ID Network about people who find love on the internet end up dead. I know a few people who have found mates on the internet and they’re still alive. One woman I know who found her mate this way has a wonderful relationship. I just think it’s really important that you realize that there are people in the world who are mean, deranged, and hateful people. Getting to know a person’s avatar is not like knowing them in the flesh. So you need to take special precautions when seeking out a partner online. The video above gives some useful tips.

6. If you have been in perfectly good health and as soon as your partner starts making your meals you fall ill, more likely than not, your partner is poisoning you; don’t eat another bite. Call a very good friend who can take you to the hospital. Once you arrive at the hospital, tell them you’ve been poisoned.

7. STAY AWAY from anyone who conveys an interest in you and two weeks after marrying you wants you to purchase a life insurance policy. People who ask their new spouses to purchase life insurance or to increase their existing policies are trying to KILL YOU! Really.

8. Just because a house always looks beautiful on the outside and the family inside seems wonderful and happy, you should keep in mind that YOU DON’T KNOW WTF IS GOING ON INSIDE that house. From what I’ve seen on these true crime shows, going inside could mean your life.


2 thoughts on “Models Monday: Learning from the ID Network

  1. Exactly!! It’s crazy the things going on in this world.
    I’m not very trusting of internet dating. I know it’s worked for some.
    I have never tried it. I’ve actually always been introduced to peor via someone I know and trust.
    You can not come to my house until I see fit and you need not know where I won’t until I see fit.
    I know these things may not always prevent anything but it keeps me on my toes.

    1. Exactly! One woman met a man on the Internet and invited him to her home. He raped her and then kidnapped her. He let her go and gave her some advice: “never invite someone into your home if you don’t know them.”

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