Black Women’s Lives Matter

Although the mantra ‘Black Lives Matter’ was developed by black women, I often worry that in the collective consciousness it carries with it an implicit masculine association, one that renders subordinate or even invisible the very real suffering of black women, one that assigns to these women a role of supporter and soother and withoutContinue reading “Black Women’s Lives Matter”

Imperfect Pitch

Nicholas Kristof’s article and video, “The Worst Atrocity You Never Heard Of,” is troubling for many reasons. The genocide occurring in Nuba disturbs; Omar al-Bashir disturbs; the tone of Kristof’s interview with Dr. Tom Catena disturbs. Catena definitely deserves recognition for his bravery, commitment, integrity, and sacrifice. Dr. Catena obviously has an admirable understanding ofContinue reading “Imperfect Pitch”

Models Monday: Claiming

When I am offering a description of myself as someone with an illness, my blood pressure begins to rise when someone tells me not to “claim it.” I find this paternalistic intrusion troubling in its presumption of my recklessness in describing my life’s circumstances. There have been times when I’ve experienced coughing fits that haveContinue reading “Models Monday: Claiming”


I went to Kohl’s today (7/8/15) and bought a 20″ Samsonite spinner for $23! Kohl’s isn’t pushing this clearance deal; instead, they’re promoting another good deal where you purchase one piece of luggage and get another piece for $1. …of course, I’m not being paid to endorse ANYTHING 🙂

Models Monday: Beyond Hollywood

I used to watch Hollywood movies, but I rarely find them interesting anymore. Instead of giving two-hours+ of my time that I can’t get back, I’ve started taking in short-films. Typically, these films feature little-known actors, beautiful cinematography, and interesting plotlines. Short-films might be a good option for you if you’re over Hollywood. Less than three-minutesContinue reading “Models Monday: Beyond Hollywood”