Black Women’s Lives Matter

Although the mantra ‘Black Lives Matter’ was developed by black women, I often worry that in the collective consciousness it carries with it an implicit masculine association, one that renders subordinate or even invisible the very real suffering of black women, one that assigns to these women a role of supporter and soother and withoutContinue reading “Black Women’s Lives Matter”

Models Monday: The Dinner Table (Thoughts on “Table Talk”)

This weekend, I was reading the Huffington Post’s “Family Dinner Table Talk” blog and it reminded me of my own experiences at the dinner table. I came of age sharing dinner at the table with my family every evening, and it wasn’t an uncommon experience among the folk I knew. When I shared meals withContinue reading “Models Monday: The Dinner Table (Thoughts on “Table Talk”)”

The Dinner Table

Sometimes I see advertisements that force me to really work at understanding the desires they seek to arouse. More pointedly, I find myself straining to make sense of what I’m supposed to want. The narratives of the ads aren’t always apparent. So while I understand that I’m supposed to want to wear the clothing thatContinue reading “The Dinner Table”