Imperfect Pitch

Nicholas Kristof’s article and video, “The Worst Atrocity You Never Heard Of,” is troubling for many reasons. The genocide occurring in Nuba disturbs; Omar al-Bashir disturbs; the tone of Kristof’s interview with Dr. Tom Catena disturbs. Catena definitely deserves recognition for his bravery, commitment, integrity, and sacrifice. Dr. Catena obviously has an admirable understanding of his life’s purpose. What I don’t like about Kristof’s interview with Catena is the way he attempts to make this clearly admirable man a celebrity rock star while he plays the groupie fan. I didn’t like Kristof’s little jokes and his laughter given the dead and mutilated people who ostensibly were the subject of the story.

Nonetheless, Dr. Catena definitely emerges as a courageous and giving man. I just don’t understand how Kristof could find anything to smile about when you consider the people whose complete decimation appears inevitable.

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