Freestyling on the O’Hanlon Mural

  As a matter of “principle,” Wendell Berry removed his personal papers from the University of Kentucky archives in 2009. In doing so, Berry acted in solidarity with activists seeking to eliminate the University’s ties to the coal industry. Today, Wendell Berry, environmentalist, and good steward that he is, had this to say about theContinue reading “Freestyling on the O’Hanlon Mural”

Just Stay Home

If you are black American and you receive an invitation to join a conference on “diversity and justice,” know that you are being set up. That’s right. SET UP! Under the guise of thoughtfulness, consideration, and fellowship with similarly concerned professionals you will be heading into dangerous territory. Your hosts have hastily dropped landmines inContinue reading “Just Stay Home”

Presidential Advice: College Students

“Don’t go to college just to duplicate the same experience you had in high school. Don’t make your decision based on, well, where are all my friends going so that I can do the exact same things with the exact same friends that I did in high school. The whole point is for you toContinue reading “Presidential Advice: College Students”