Reckless Eyeballing

I had no idea that reckless eyeballing, once a crime black men who looked a white person directly in the eyes could die for, remained a punishable offense. I’m just happy that John Felton was only given a warning for this Neo-Jim Crow offense. Thankfully, Felton used his camera phone to record the episode. Here’s someContinue reading “Reckless Eyeballing”

Models Monday: Mental Illness and Us

Since last Monday, I have encountered at least three tragic stories of youth suicide. Heidi Swapp, the talented scrapbooker, shared that she had accompanied her son Cory to visit his therapist not knowing that it would be her last activity with him before he died. Swapp blogged the experience so as to thank supporters forContinue reading “Models Monday: Mental Illness and Us”

Models Monday: Yellow, Blue, Green…

During these trying times, I have decided to follow the example of Baby Suggs, a character in Toni Morrison’s Beloved who offers a brilliant response to the absurdity of racism and white supremacy. Like Baby, my plan going forward is to concentrate on whatever has been disarmed. As Baby explains to Stamp Paid, “[w]hat I haveContinue reading “Models Monday: Yellow, Blue, Green…”