Models Monday: Freedom, Dignity, and Integrity

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Free Angela and All Political Prisoners. I found it absorbing. Shola Lynch’s beautifully organized, thoughtful film offers an intriguing portrait of Angela Davis that sharply contrasts with the iconic Davis that all Americans presumably know. Knowledge based on her halo-like afro and her leather jacketContinue reading “Models Monday: Freedom, Dignity, and Integrity”

Models Monday: Bitter Reminiscence

Michael Ward, one of two survivors of the 1985 Philadelphia police bombing of the MOVE residence recently passed away. His is such a sad story. The extremist philosophy that shaped his life for at least eleven years and his bearing witness to the mass murder of MOVE members would make for difficult, troubled memories. InContinue reading “Models Monday: Bitter Reminiscence”

Models Monday: Fruitvale Station

I just came from seeing Fruitvale Station. The film offers a sensitive portrayal of the last day in 22-year-old Bay area resident Oscar Grant’s life. Having apprehended Grant and several other black and brown skinned passengers after a scuffle on a BART train, Police Officer Johannes Mehserle’s fatally shot Grant, claiming he mistook his ownContinue reading “Models Monday: Fruitvale Station”

Models Monday: Trembling Heroes

For a while I have been wanting to watch Of Gods and Men and this weekend finally presented me with the opportunity. The film offers a cinematic interpretation of the actual events surrounding the fact of French Trappist monks living in the mountains of Algeria whose commitment to cooperation between Christians and Moslems obligates them toContinue reading “Models Monday: Trembling Heroes”

The Interrupters

I recommend The Interrupters as worthwhile viewing. It is a deeply moving film about CeaseFire, an organization that works to interrupt urban street violence in Chicago. All of the members working with this organization have a record of violence that contributed to their former incarceration. Reflecting on their own lives influenced their decision to embraceContinue reading “The Interrupters”

Eunique Jones Gibson’s “Because of Them, We Can…” Series

Today is the last day of February, and so the last day of Black History month, but I hope it isn’t the last day for Eunique Jones Gibson to produce additional photographs for her enchanting photo series Because of Them, We Can… Each day during Black History month, Gibson released one photo per day onContinue reading “Eunique Jones Gibson’s “Because of Them, We Can…” Series”

Models Monday: Charles “Teenie” Harris Exhibit

The above photograph by Charles “Teenie” Harris was one of the many from his extensive collection that distinguished scholar Deborah Willis discussed at the  Atlanta University Center Robert Woodruff library on January 31. The Carnegie Museum of Art houses the Harris archive and can be accessed on-line. If you’re not in the Atlanta area andContinue reading “Models Monday: Charles “Teenie” Harris Exhibit”

Models Monday: Viewing “History”

Every film that takes historical events as the core of the story it tells is not a documentary. To that end, Django Unchained does not claim to be a documentary about slavery and it is not a documentary about slavery. The film offers a fictive take on the antebellum period in United States history andContinue reading “Models Monday: Viewing “History””

James Meredith at Ole Miss

Today marks the 50th anniversary of James Meredith’s first day of class at the University of Mississippi. NPR’s “The Picture Show” has some of the photographs that Ed Meek recorded. NPR also has two wonderful discussions about Meredith and the violence that occurred on the campus over desegregation. Thus, in addition to checking out “TheContinue reading “James Meredith at Ole Miss”