Worthwhile Viewing: The Barber of Birmingham

The 2012 Academy Award nominated film for documentary short, The Barber of Birmingham, can be viewed on-line at PBS until September 9, 2012. I watched it today. I first learned of the film when I heard Michel Martin interviewing co-director Robyn Fryday on “Tell Me More” last week. The POV website for the film offersContinue reading “Worthwhile Viewing: The Barber of Birmingham”

Morrisonian Hope: T. Lang Dance Company Premiers Mother/Mutha

On Thursday, I went to The Goat Farm, a visually sumptuous arts center in Atlanta, to take in the premier of my friend T. Lang’s latest work Mother/Mutha. I had the great privilege of seeing her dance company working through some of the movements during an early rehearsal of the show and I was eagerContinue reading “Morrisonian Hope: T. Lang Dance Company Premiers Mother/Mutha”