Eunique Jones Gibson’s “Because of Them, We Can…” Series

Tonight, my son will be performing as Thurgood Marshall in the Black History month celebration at his school. Gibson’s photograph of this potential Marshall holds extra charm for me in light of Miles’s connection to the former Supreme Court Justice.

Today is the last day of February, and so the last day of Black History month, but I hope it isn’t the last day for Eunique Jones Gibson to produce additional photographs for her enchanting photo series Because of Them, We Can... Each day during Black History month, Gibson released one photo per day on her website as well as through other social media outlets. The photos depict a black child posed to emulate in visage and in pursuit distinguished African Americans for their historical contributions. Gibson now sells posters and calendars on her site so that she can continue this engaging project; I of course bought a poster of mini Marshall.

2 thoughts on “Eunique Jones Gibson’s “Because of Them, We Can…” Series

  1. I loved the photographs. I too hope there’s more to come! It’s shouldn’t be limited to February alone šŸ™‚ Tell Miles to break a leg… Lol.

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