Models Monday: Charles “Teenie” Harris Exhibit

The above photograph by Charles “Teenie” Harris was one of the many from his extensive collection that distinguished scholar Deborah Willis discussed at the ¬†Atlanta University Center Robert Woodruff library on January 31. The Carnegie Museum of Art houses the Harris archive and can be accessed on-line. If you’re not in the Atlanta area andContinue reading “Models Monday: Charles “Teenie” Harris Exhibit”

Back-to-School: Thoughtful Excursions

(Caption: Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee.) My friend Julia and I were casually chatting on our way to a meeting when she shared with me the details of a trip she had taken with J.P., her son. I was taken aback by how beautiful her trip was in its thoughtfulness and its execution. Julia always doesContinue reading “Back-to-School: Thoughtful Excursions”