Models Monday: First Day of First Grade

Most Georgia schools have started today. My son started first grade. His teacher seems like a warm person. My son looked like he was alright when I left; no crying or clinging. The worst thing that happened today actually began when he first enrolled and I saw the required uniform. Here he is in justContinue reading “Models Monday: First Day of First Grade”

Back-to-School Series: School Supplies

Searching for school supplies might be the one time when I enjoy shopping. I actually think that good school supplies can contribute to an improved attitude and inclination towards doing school work. Crayola 64s prove this point. Anyone who has ever received a box of Crayola 64s remembers what it was like to have theseContinue reading “Back-to-School Series: School Supplies”

Back-to-School: Thoughtful Excursions

(Caption: Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee.) My friend Julia and I were casually chatting on our way to a meeting when she shared with me the details of a trip she had taken with J.P., her son. I was taken aback by how beautiful her trip was in its thoughtfulness and its execution. Julia always doesContinue reading “Back-to-School: Thoughtful Excursions”

Back-to-School: An Urgency to Know

In the aftermath of Seung-Hui Cho’s shooting spree that claimed the lives of  32 people and physically injured at least 17 others at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an interesting series of reflections on the matter. They asked scholars, artists, and college presidents to imagine the commencement addressContinue reading “Back-to-School: An Urgency to Know”

Back-To-School Series

Summer has ended for children in the U.S. South. The school bells chimed nearly a week ago and have called them back inside; so with another season comes another series. Thus, I have planned a series of posts marking the occasion. I look forward to sharing my Back-to-School Series featuring an interview with a high school mathContinue reading “Back-To-School Series”