Back-to-School Series: School Supplies

Searching for school supplies might be the one time when I enjoy shopping. I actually think that good school supplies can contribute to an improved attitude and inclination towards doing school work. Crayola 64s prove this point. Anyone who has ever received a box of Crayola 64s remembers what it was like to have these crayons and set out to use them right away because of the box’s built-in sharpener; new pens, notebooks, and other devices worked similarly. I wanted to use them to test the color of the ink or the precision point of the pen; the width of the paper’s spacing; the tension of the calculator’s buttons.

Here are a few school supply items that I am currently enjoying:

I bought these journals at Target. I pick-up little writing journals all the time. I think they’re good for just jotting down ideas. These are small enough to fit into your back pocket but not so small that they are hard to keep open while you write.

The red journal and the Kindle Fire offer nice contrast to the journals on the far right. I like the size of the journals on the farthest extremes for different reasons.

The covers make them attractive. I’ve visited each of these places so I’ve played with the idea of making them travel journals but then I’d have to keep up with that and instead of being able to just pick up a journal and jot down any idea, I would have to remember to separate them. So I decided they weren’t for specialty writing, just writing.

Zebra Sarasa Pens come in fun colors and only cost $1. I have only ever seen them in the check-out line at Staples but I think I’ve purchased every color.

I stumbled upon a great list of note taking app suggestions. From that list, I purchased Day One and I love it; especially now that they’ve added the photography feature. It’s a beautiful app that lets you jot down ideas and also provides a way of keeping a visual log of those thoughts. Since I can’t draw but enjoy images, I love that I can have a photography journal without the hassle of developing the pictures and organizing them in a book.

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