Models Monday: Danger, Violence, Repeat


Baltimore protester on the run, 2015. Photo by: Devin Allen
Baltimore protester on the run, 2015. Photo by Devin Allen

Distinguishing police brutality by distinct historical periods seems a rather pointless enterprise; nonetheless, I want to.


As I look at a terrified young black woman desperately attempting to escape further danger from the police, I recognize an important distinction between escaping police brutality in 1960 and escaping it in 2015. In Baltimore, a young black man looking to escape understands that he needs a generous lead…so examining distinct moments of police brutality throughout U.S. history matters because it equips the citizen runner with a sense of when to make haste: justice in the face of police brutality amounts to knowing when to flee.

2 thoughts on “Models Monday: Danger, Violence, Repeat

  1. The two photographs one from the 60’s and the one in 2015. The more things change the more they stay the same. It may be a cliched statement but it is still the truth nonetheless. So sad. Black Lives have never mattered to racist police

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