Models Monday: A Comment on Love

I read an interview that a graduate student of religion conducted with American theologian James H. Cone and I was moved to remember the importance of love in my own life because of what Cone says about his parents and his community. When asked about receiving his calling, Cones says this in reply: It startedContinue reading “Models Monday: A Comment on Love”

Intergenerational Elegance

American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes has offered poignant commentary on Gabby Douglas’s performance at the 2012 Olympic Games. Dawes’s pride and clear support for her younger colleague is refreshing in light of the pointless (social) media contests between athletes from different eras who cannot test their (e-)theories through today’s games. While IContinue reading “Intergenerational Elegance”

Morrisonian Hope: T. Lang Dance Company Premiers Mother/Mutha

On Thursday, I went to The Goat Farm, a visually sumptuous arts center in Atlanta, to take in the premier of my friend T. Lang’s latest work Mother/Mutha. I had the great privilege of seeing her dance company working through some of the movements during an early rehearsal of the show and I was eagerContinue reading “Morrisonian Hope: T. Lang Dance Company Premiers Mother/Mutha”

The Elegance of Cooperation

Junior distance runner Meghan Vogel won the open mile at the Ohio State championship this past weekend but was on her way to finishing last in the two mile. As she was approaching the finish line, the runner in front of her, Arden McMath, began to collapse–and then something extraordinary happens: Vogel lifts McMath andContinue reading “The Elegance of Cooperation”