Christmas Snow and Christmas Sunshine

One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me the photo above with the message, “Caroling and crepes at the Westside Market! What could be better?” It’s a good question. While I can’t say that I miss Cleveland’s bone chilling cold, it’s a beautiful place to experience Christmas. There’s rarely snow in the South atContinue reading “Christmas Snow and Christmas Sunshine”

Models Monday: Newtown Families on Christmas Eve

I have continued to think about the relationship between our nation’s past and Adam Lanza’s murderous rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. On this particular morning, Christmas Eve, I thought about the touching scene in Spike Lee’s documentary film, 4 Little Girls, where Coretta Scott King reads the letter that her husband, Dr. Martin LutherContinue reading “Models Monday: Newtown Families on Christmas Eve”

A Message from Santa!

My mother and one of her friends recommended ┬áto me. It’s a site that allows you to work with Santa in composing a personalized video message for a special recipient. I highly recommend this site. My son watched his special message for over an hour last night and woke up asking for it thisContinue reading “A Message from Santa!”

Models Monday: This Christmas

I think about my grandmothers a lot. What must it have been like for them to have raised children while managing their dreams for themselves? My mother’s siblings describe wonderful times eating fruits, candies, and nuts. They recall being thrilled by receiving all the presents they had asked for. Once they stopped believing in SantaContinue reading “Models Monday: This Christmas”