Christmas Snow and Christmas Sunshine

Christmas at the Westside Market 2

One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me the photo above with the message, “Caroling and crepes at the Westside Market! What could be better?” It’s a good question.

While I can’t say that I miss Cleveland’s bone chilling cold, it’s a beautiful place to experience Christmas. There’s rarely snow in the South at Christmas time, as a former resident of The Land, I have fond memories of snow on Christmas morning, brunch with my family, opening presents with my cousins. Christmas’s at my house now are greatly informed by those fond memories. So today I’ll be making cornbread for the dressing I will bake tomorrow, boiling sweet potatoes for the ease of pealing them before roasting them in butter, vanilla, and brown sugar early the next day, and making gingerbread people with my son to leave as a token of our appreciation to Santa for his hard work.

Even though snow and cold weather make for slushy, messy traveling, they also provide the conditions that make you want to get closer to people, experience their warmth, and luxuriate in the coziness that you have made in defiance of the frosty elements. It’s more difficult to replicate the warmth of human connections when it’s sunny and near 50 degrees outside. So too, against these bright, warm, shiny days we must stop ourselves from granting the sun omnipotence to create the warmth that Northern winters urge humans to make themselves–together.

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