Don’t Overlook the Comments to Shanita Hubbard

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It would help JB (I don’t know how the NYT determines their picks) to read Dan T. Carter’s book, The Politics of Rage about George Wallace; especially the part about his 1968 presidential campaign. He offers this:

The candidates appeal, said NBC’s Douglas Kiker, a native southerner, was transparently simple. George Wallace had seemingly looked out upon those white Americans north of Alabama and suddenly been awakened by a blinding vision: ‘They all hate black people, all of them. They’re all afraid, all of them. Great God! They’re all Southern! The whole United States is Southern!’ (p. 344)


Nah, JB, Hubbard’s claim about raising her daughter in a red state is accurate: the ENTIRE country is “a red state environment”! I hope Hubbard doesn’t take your advice, JB…she might want to take Jordan Peele’s though.

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