2 thoughts on “Congratulations Cleveland!

  1. I immediately thought of your blog once it was announced that Lebron is going back to Cleveland. A part of me feels that you may not be excited though. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the situation.

    1. You know, I thought about writing about this decision vs. “The Decision,” but haven’t yet. It’s funny because my mom was his biggest hater but now she’s acting like she works with his PR team. What’s most funny is that she doesn’t like sports so it’s never clear to me why anyone would care about her feelings regarding LeBron. As she was explaining why we should forgive him, I interrupted to tell her that I called a truce with LeBron when he was among the first athletes to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin (I have written about that). I thought LeBron and the sports writer who helped him with his speech (thank goodness) making a good decision to pitch his announcement in humility and longing to make amends and to earn a championship for the city, I would have loved it even more if they would have engaged what it means to leave the state that killed Trayvon Martin for a swing state with the death penalty and a history of killing black children with reckless abandon…but I think I would’ve needed to have been the sportswriter to help him compose that speech…me or Muhammad Ali 🙂 EMM

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