Happy Pi Day!

Here is a photograph of my contribution to National Pi day. I haven't tasted it yet, but it looks pretty yummy--especially live. My photograph doesn't look nearly as scrumptious as the one accompanying Paula Deen's recipe, which I followed. I also didn't find fresh blueberries or raspberries...at least I have model to strive for.

I know it’s late, but I wanted to acknowledge National Pi Day. Pi is one of the few lessons that I remember from high school geometry. I’m not sure why I still find Pi so compelling. David Blatner, author of The Joy of Pi, offers an idea that works for now:

“In this age of high-tech precision instruments, where we assure ourselves that perfection is attainable, pi is an ever-present, sometimes grating reminder that there are puzzles that can be solved and there are mysteries that, perhaps, cannot.”

I can go for that–the mystery; but also the humility that it suggests. I will definitely give my three cheers to having a little humble pi.

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