Living Civil Rights in the Age of Obama

I am happy that President Obama has made a statement confirming his support for marriage equality. I have long been disappointed in the denial of the civil right to a legal union for same-sex couples in the United States. Being gay in America should not place you outside of citizenship. I am proud of theContinue reading “Living Civil Rights in the Age of Obama”

Models Monday: VIP (The Thanksgiving Week Edition)

I was invited to moderate a film discussion earlier this week for a film that has received rave reviews. My role was minimal. I was only required to ask two questions before turning it over to the audience. It was an interesting experience. I learned how seriously people take film actors and actresses as wellContinue reading “Models Monday: VIP (The Thanksgiving Week Edition)”

Models Monday: Countering Extravagance

Say what you want about Juan Williams, the essay that he writes as a foreword to John Francis Ficara’s book Black Farmers in America elegantly captures the saga of those black men and women historically pushed to the edge of the pastoral ideal. Between January and May of 1865, farming the land would provide freedContinue reading “Models Monday: Countering Extravagance”


The flash mobs that occurred in Philadelphia this summer occasioned harsh words from Michael Nutter, the city’s mayor. Nutter went to his church, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, and delivered a message to the congregation about the response they could expect to the violence inflicted on innocent citizens. In brief, they could expect to see childrenContinue reading “Fathers”

Models Monday: “Exploring Mysteries to Come”

My mother sent me a package and decided to include her copy of AARP: The Magazine because Michelle Obama was on the cover. I’m so happy to have this magazine because of the terrific articles. “Partners in Time” was among my favorite. In it, Michael Downs reflects on his life as the younger half ofContinue reading “Models Monday: “Exploring Mysteries to Come””

Models Monday: “This House I’m in Right Now”

After the fourth time my house was broken into, I put my house on the market. Looking at properties I could barely afford made me think about friends and family who never moved. I can think of at least three families who have had the same address and telephone number for at least my entireContinue reading “Models Monday: “This House I’m in Right Now””

Models Monday: On Free Land

  This past weekend, I visited South-View Cemetery with a few friends. South-View was granted its charter on April 21, 1886 and so became the first for-profit cemetery for African Americans in the United States. Beneath the names of the six men who established this charter reads its significance: “To provide a respectable place forContinue reading “Models Monday: On Free Land”