Is There Mercy for Black Children in Schools

In viewing Jason Gilmore’s short film, I was particularly attuned to the bureaucratic, institutional language used to describe Xavier. These terms estranged him from the human compassion and concern that all children benefit from. My son is six-years-old. He’s smart. He’s black. He’s sweet. There have been times, in his few years in school, when the descriptions that I’m given of him and the voice used to mimic his turns him into someone I don’t recognize. My son has the support, stability, and critical consciousness of his parents at his disposal, but I remain skeptical of his safety even still. Black children are so, so vulnerable to the historic cruelties found throughout U.S. culture.


2 thoughts on “Is There Mercy for Black Children in Schools

  1. If anything the situation is actually much worse. The lens for students of color is distorted by racism. Xavier is objectified.Then segregated — and in the basement. I see parallels and intersection.

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