Preparing Meals

I am new to meal planning. I have been enjoying several simple and frugal living blogs, which all rave about it. I am finding it an incredibly responsible way to shop, cook, and eat.

My first week’s plan reflects a week when I had no outside commitments. Now that that has changed, my plan shows that I have obligations outside the home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What I loved about other people’s meal plans was that they mostly cooked for several days and then had a leftover night. The brilliance of this plan was that one could then choose from several previous meals when selecting. This was something I had never considered before and my husband is not as much of a fan of leftovers as I am. In order to accommodate him, my ambition was simply to try to learn to cook smaller portions. Now, while I try to be mindful of cooking smaller portions, my plans usually involve enjoying leftovers for lunch and thinking about coming days while keeping variety through a series of fresh options. In light of my schedule, I cook fresh meals on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The other two are reserved for leftovers.


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