Chores: Interview

1. Is doing housework ever a matter of inspiration for you? In other words, are there ever times when you find youself in need of inspiration for completing household chores?

2. What housework do you do daily? Weekly? Occassionally? How do you determine this schedule?

3. Why is it important to organize yourself and your home in the way that you have? How do you think your approach could help others?

4. Were you always inclined towards being neat and organized?

5. Do you have a  least favorite chore?

Comment on these chores:

a. Ironing (When do you do it? What do you iron?) :

b. Laundry (How often? What products do you use? Where do you shop for them?):

c. Cooking?

d. Dish Washing? Why?

e. General Cleaning?

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